Ksamil is a must-visit part of Albania road trip itinerary.

Albania Road Trip: The Ultimate 10 Day Itinerary

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In this post, we’re going to take you through our dream Albania road trip itinerary, the one we wish we’d had on our first trip. It’s a nicely balanced but action-packed excursion that features some stunning nature hikes, historic architecture, and plenty of downtime so you can return home refreshed.

Albania is an awesome country for a road trip. Renting a car is easy, and despite what you may have read elsewhere, we’ve found driving around the country to be convenient and (mostly) safe.

We’ve been to Albania three times, and each time, we’ve got a little more off the beaten path. Greater numbers of tourists are flocking to the pristine sandy coastlines of the Albanian Riviera, but there’s plenty to enjoy beyond the beaches. 

One of our favourite places (so far), for example, has been the Byzantine old town of Gjirokaster, wedged in a lush valley that’s overhung by mountains.

10 Days Albania Road Trip: Overview

Albania Road Trip Map.
Click anywhere on the map to access its interactive version.
  • DAY 0 📍Tirana
  • DAY 1 📍Kruje
  • DAY 2 📍Shkoder
  • DAY 3 📍Teth National Park
  • DAY 4 📍Teth to Berat drive
  • DAY 5 📍Berat
  • DAY 6 📍Gjirokaster & Blue Eye
  • DAY 7-8 📍Ksamil & Butrint
  • DAY 9-10 📍Himare

Day 0: Tirana

Day 0 of your Albanian road trip
Skanderbeg Square.
Et'hem Bej Mosque in Tirana.
Et’hem Bej Mosque.

Most international flights will come into Tirana, so you’ll probably start your Albania roadtrip here. It’s not the most exciting capital city, to be honest, and it’s totally OK to skip if your time is short. Otherwise, half a day is enough to see the major sights.

CAR RENTAL TIP: Book your rental car in advance through Discover Cars with a pickup at the airport. This will ensure you get a good price and means you can hit the ground running.

Tirana is the largest city in Albania by a long shot. More than half the country’s population live in the capital, which has been given a colourful makeover since the fall of communism. Literally. Many of the old grey utilitarian blocks have been repainted in bright hues to try and brighten things up a little without the expense of a full reconstruction.

Most of the city’s attractions are conveniently located within a 10-minute radius. If you arrive at the airport before midday, begin your 10 days in Albania with lunch at Tirana Castle

This isn’t, by the way, an actual castle, just a single preserved wall from the Ottoman era. Around this landmark have shot up a series of restaurants and souvenir stores. It’s all very touristy, but a good place to get your bearings.

Just to the north is Skanderbeg Square, Tirana’s main plaza. It’s dedicated to a guy called Skanderbeg (aka Gjergj Kastrioti), who fought against the Ottomans in the 15th century and is still revered today as a national hero. There’s a statue of him here if you want to get an eyeful of his noble bearing.

Bunk'Art 2 Museum in Tirana.

Some of the sights we found most interesting in Tirana frame Skanderbeg Square. First up is Et’hem Bej Mosque, a small, 18th-century piece of Ottoman architecture that is completely unremarkable from the outside but has some beautiful frescoes of nature painted inside. You can visit when it’s not prayer time, but make sure you dress appropriately. 

On the other side of the square, the National Historical Museum provides a patchy but informative overview of the history of Albania. Many of the exhibits don’t have plaques in English, so make sure you have that Google Translate app handy!

While we found the National Historical Museum a bit fusty and old school, the Bunk’Art 2 Museum is a stone-cold renegade. Staged inside a former nuclear bomb shelter, it documents the sinister actions of the Sigurimi, Albania’s secret police during the dictatorship of Enver Hoxha.

It can be quite suffocating down in the bunker, so head to Rinia Park afterwards for some fresh air. It’s a fairly modest green space but a pleasant enough place to hang out when the weather is sunny.

Oda Restaurant in Tirana
Oda Restaurant.
Oda Restaurant in Tirana
Oda Restaurant.

Wrap up your brief exploration of Tirana with dinner at Oda Restaurant. About 10 minutes’ walk from Skanderberg, it serves up simple, home-style Albanian food. There’s a live band in the evenings that really adds to the local ambience. 

Where To Stay In Tirana

🌟Airport Hotel Pick🌟
Mk Hotel is the perfect hotel to start you road trip in Albania from

MK Hotel Tirana

If your flight gets in late, the MK Hotel is a short distance from the airport. There’s a good-sized outdoor pool, plus free private parking that’s perfect for your Albanian road trip.

🌟top Pick🌟
Our top pick hotel in Tirana with a car park

Hotel Restaurant Bujtina e Gjelit

This traditional-style inn is about 30 minutes’ walk or 20 minutes on public transport from Skanderberg Square. Facilities include a restaurant, an outdoor pool, and free private parking.

Day 1: Kruje

Blogger Mal during her Albania road trip in Kruje.
Kruje Bazaar.
Blogger Mal during her Albania road trip in Kruje.
Kruje Castle.

Distance from Tirana: 30km north, about an hour’s drive.

Kruje Parking: Location

The first stop on our 10 day Albania itinerary is Kruje. This town was the home of Skanderbeg, the guy we mentioned earlier who defied the Ottomans. Picturesquely located on the side of a mountain, it’s an ideal stopping off point on the way to Shkoder.

Just a few steps from the 24-hour parking area, you’ll find Kruje Bazaar. A good place to pick up a souvenir, it’s a small cobble-stoned area lined by stalls selling handwoven rugs and some other locally crafted objects – alongside mass-produced magnets, of course! The market is one of the oldest in Albania, though it now serves tourists rather than locals.

Kruje during 10 days in Albania itinerary.

Once you’ve stretched your legs, ascend to the Gjergj Kastrioti National Museum, dedicated to the life and times of Skanderbeg. This building is impressive, despite only being recently built in the 1970s/80s to resemble the castle that stood on the grounds. 

The ruins of the original Castle Of Kruje can be seen inside the museum as part of the entrance fee. It’s worth heading up here just for the views down on the old town and across the countryside.

Also housed on the same grounds is the Ethnographic Museum of Kruje, a 15-room exploration of the traditional lifestyle of ethnic Albanians. It’s not somewhere we can imagine spending a particularly long time, but it does paint a vivid portrait of the past through clothing, furniture, and artwork.

Restaurante Emiliano in Kruje.
Emiliano Restaurant in Kruje.
We love Albanian food!

After all that, you should have worked up an appetite, so pop into EMILIANO. This restaurant with rooms has al fresco seating and epic views of the town and natural scenery. On a clear day, you can see as far as Tirana! 

We actually stayed at EMILIANO for a week on our first trip to Albania and loved the place. However, for this tightly packed itinerary in Albania, we recommend just half a day in Kruje. 

Once you’ve enjoyed the panorama and given yourself time to digest the platters of meat and cheese, continue your Albania road trip by driving on to Shkoder.

Day 2: Shkoder

Shkoder, Albania.

Distance from Kruje: 85km north of Kruje, about 90 minutes’ drive.

Shkoder is one of the oldest cities in Albania. Surrounded by some of the country’s most gorgeous landscapes, it’s a fab place for nature lovers to explore. We recommend renting a bicycle here, as the urban area and its surroundings are easily navigable on two wheels. 

One of the most impressive sights here is Rozafa Castle, a Medieval ruin built by the Venetians. It’s in a prime hilltop location, so you get some stunning views from the walls. A lot of the castle is still intact, so there’s plenty to explore.

The castle is located on the outskirts of Shkoder, along the road from Kruje. If you get there in the later afternoon, you can adjust our itinerary for Albania slightly and visit the fortification on Day 1, as it stays open until 6pm in the summer.

Rozafa Castle is only a short distance from Lake Shkoder, which is divided between Albania and Montenegro. Rent a kayak and explore some of the natural splendour as well as a couple of the cute fishing villages that line the shores. You’ll find some simple but serene places to halt for lunch.

Although the city of Shkoder itself is a chill, friendly habitation to have a leisurely wander, we didn’t see a lot of particularly pretty buildings. The most notable piece of architecture is probably the Ebu Bekr Mosque, a modern house of worship built in the 1990s on the site of a former Ottoman mosque. You can pop your head in when it’s not prayer time, but we found the inside stark. 

If you still have bit of energy left over, cycle out to the Mesi Bridge. This 18th-century structure makes for a great photo op, even when the river dries up in the heat of summer.

Arti Zenave restaurant in Shkoder.
Arti Zenave restaurant in Shkoder.

Finish the day with dinner at Arti Zenave, a homey spot with a ton of veggie Albanian dishes that’s a short walk from the city centre. 

Where To Stay In Shkoder

🌟top Pick🌟
Çoçja is our top pick hotel in Shkoder

Çoçja Boutique Hotel

This pretty B&B is in a characterful building, which contains a particularly nice, enclosed terrace. The private basement parking makes it an excellent option for a road trip in Albania.

🌟Mid-Range Pick🌟
Hotel Chicago in Shkoder

Hotel Chicago

A short distance from the Ebu Bekr Mosque, the Hotel Chicago’s compact standard rooms offer contemporary comfort and inclusive breakfast that can be served in your room. Facilities include limited free private parking.

Day 3: Theth National Park

Blogger Robin in Teth, Albania.

Distance from Shkoder: 75km, about 2 hours’ drive.

Parking: Location

No Albania road trip itinerary would be complete without a trip to the Albanian Alps. Check out of your hotel in Shkoder early in the morning and get a head start on the journey to Theth National Park – you’ll want a full day here!

One of our favourite experiences was our refreshing dip in the Blue Eye. About a 45-minute hike from the car park, it gets its name from the glittering sapphire colour of the pool.

From here, head onto the village of Theth, a very cute place with historic stone buildings like the Reconciliation Tower and the Church of Teth that look amazing against the lush mountains. 

The famous church in Teth, Albania

There are, as you’d kind of expect, a lot of different walking routes you can take around the Albanian Alps, with canyons, caves, and wild swimming holes all over the map! One of the coolest things about this part of an Albania road trip is you can make your own adventure. Just make sure not to miss out on the Grunas Waterfall, a scenic spot for snaps about 45 minutes from Theth Village. 

Return to the village for dinner at GJECAJ Restaurant, which has some awesome outdoor seating lit up by fairy lights.

Where To Stay In Teth

🌟top Pick🌟
Road trip Albania

Bujtina Terthorja

The wood-heavy décor in the rooms gives Bujtina Terthorja a chalet-like feel, which fits perfectly with the Alpine location. Nab a room with a balcony and wake up to the fresh mountain air.

🌟Mid-Range Pick🌟
Villa Molla is the best budget friendly hotel in Teth

Villa Molla

More of a rustic homestay, the Villa Molla is a little outside the main village, with an onsite restaurant and free parking. Rooms boast beautiful views.

Day 4: Drive – Theth To Berat

Distance from Theth: 275km, about 5 hours’ drive.

Start your day early again to go from Theth to Berat. This is the biggest slog on our Albania 10 day itinerary. Even though you should arrive in Berat in the early afternoon, we found the trip south along the highways quite exhausting, which is why we recommend resting up rather than doing any serious sightseeing once you check-in.

It’s also why we suggest staying two nights in Berat, which will also give you time to recover from the action-packed first few days.

If you do want to do something in the evening, wander the cobblestone streets of the historic centre, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. Berat is easily one of the most beautiful city stop-offs (as opposed to nature attractions) on our itinerary for Albania. We really couldn’t get enough of the photogenic vibes.

Where To Stay In Berat

🌟top Pick🌟
Hotel Kapllani is our top pick hotel in Berat

Hotel Kapllani

Combining a gorgeous heritage building with stylish, personality-filled rooms, the Hotel Kapllani is an atmospheric place to stay in the Gorica District. Free parking and breakfast are included.

🌟Mid-Range Pick🌟
Olive B&B in Berat

Olive B&B

If your flight gets in late, the MK Hotel is a short distance from the airport. There’s a good-sized outdoor pool, plus free private parking that’s perfect for your Albanian road trip.

Just a short walk from the Old Town of Berat, Olive B&B is run by a jolly local couple. The house itself is a new building, with breakfast and free parking included. 

Day 5: Berat

Berat must be included on your Albania road trip itinerary!

Berat was one of the most striking places we visited on our Albanian road trip. Known as the ‘City of a Thousand Windows,’ its old streets are filled with distinctive Ottoman architecture. 

Begin your day at Berat Castle, which is perched high above the city in a jaw-dropping location. It’s more than 800 years old, which only makes it more incredible how much has been preserved. Life still buzzes inside the citadel walls, which encircle an array of shops, restaurants, and local residences.

Tip: Visit the castle in the early morning and treat yourself to the sights of the city below as the sun gradually bathes the buildings in light.

There are lots of cool things to see around the castle, including the Ruins of the Red Mosque. Although not much of it remains, there’s still a striking minaret that’s poetically mournful in its loneliness. 

One of our favourite things up here is the Holy Trinity Church, which is a fabulously intricate Byzantine-style building. We didn’t get to go in because it wasn’t open when we walked past, but the outside alone is worth a close examination.

The views from Berat Castle.

On the way back down the hill, stop off at the National Ethnographic Museum. Although it’s not the best museum we saw on our road trip in Albania, the entry price is cheap (about $3), and they have some interesting recreations of traditional life.

Spend the afternoon exploring the streets of the Berat, which are definitely a highlight of our Albania 10 day itinerary. Coming down from the castle, you’ll start in Mangalem, the old Muslim quarter. The whole city is a very safe place to explore, so don’t worry about getting lost down a side alley or two. 

Gradually make your way towards to the Gorica Bridge, which connects the old Muslim area with the Orthodox Christian area on the other side of the River Ossum. The bridge itself is a good location to snap a pic, before exploring the equally picturesque streets on the other side of the water.

Finish off Day 5 of your Albania road trip at Temi. We had some of the best fergese (an Albanian speciality made from roasted red peppers, tomatoes, and cheese) of our trip here, cooked up by a really sweet old Albanian lady.

Day 6: Gjirokaster

Gjirokaster a must-do stop on road trip Albania.

Distance from Berat: 160km, about 2 hours and 30 minutes’ drive.

The next place you’re going to spend a couple of nights is seaside Ksamil, in the most southerly part of the country. Before you get there, though, we recommend adding a stop in Gjirokaster to your Albania roadtrip.

Parking: Location.

Like Berat, this city’s old town is a classic example of Ottoman architecture – it actually shares its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with Berat. Steep cobblestone streets snake up the hill, peaking out at Gjirokaster Castle.

This castle has plenty of ambience, with lots of stone tunnels and chambers to explore. We didn’t like it as much as Berat Castle, which has bit more X factor, but it is still pretty impressive, especially the chunky square clocktower. Just don’t rely on the clock for the time – it hasn’t worked for years!

Blogger Mal visiting Gjirokaster Castle as part of the Albania road trip.
The view from Gjirokaster Castle.

Our favourite part of Gjirokaster is wandering around the Old Town, particularly the streets that come off the bazaar. The market sells cheap but fairly standard tourist souvenirs, but it’s the higgledy-piggledy cobbled alleys that make it a must-see on our Albania 10 day itinerary.

These streets are also filled with loads of restaurants where you can grab a bite of lunch. We dined at Odaja and were not disappointed by the food, which has all the standards like stuffed eggplant but also some excellent meatballs in a yogurt sauce.

Dinning al fresco in Gjirokaster.
Blogger Robin in Gjirokaster part of Albania itinerary 10 days.

Once you’ve had a raki digestif, pop your head round the doors of the 18th-century Bazaar Mosque. It’s the only mosque in the city that wasn’t destroyed during the anti-religion years of communist Albania.

One of the most memorable aspects of Gjirokaster is the number of fortified stone houses built by wealthy residents. A kind of cross between defensive structure and family home, they loom over the neighbourhoods with their multiple floors.

There are several that are open to the public. Our favourite was Zekate House, which has some beautiful frescoes and carved wood ceilings, but at the Skenduli House a lady talked us through some info that was useful for understanding the history of the buildings.

The last thing we did in Gjirokaster was briefly scoot down into the Cold War Tunnel, which is essentially an explanation of Albania’s communist past. The place itself is a dank and grim as you would expect from a bomb bunker, but if you can spare half an hour, you can learn a lot from the guide about how the country was in the 20th century.

Zekate House
Zekate House.
Blue Eye Albania
Blue Eye.

Depending on the amount of time you spend in Gjirokaster – and, of course, your energy levels – you can decide to continue your Albania road trip by going directly to Ksamil or make a short detour to the Blue Eye.

Distance from Gjirokaster: 35km, around 45 minutes.

The beautiful Blue Eye pool gets its name from the cobalt colour of the water. It’s one of the more touristy natural sights in Albania, with a small train and scooters available for hire at the entrance if you don’t want to hike on foot (about 1-hour return journey). 

Yes, it’s pretty, but we wouldn’t call it a must-visit part of any road trip in Albania. It’s really up to you if you want to experience the hype.

Day 7 & 8 Of Albania road trip: Ksamil


Distance from the Blue Eye: 35km, around 45 minutes.

A highlight of the Albanian Riviera, Ksamil is a stunning stretch of coastline on the Ionian Sea. Just across from the Greek island of Corfu, it’s a perfect beach stop on your Albania roadtrip, especially after the thigh-busting hillside streets of Gjirokaster!

There are a lot of Ksamil beaches to choose from, but our favourite bit is near the Bianco Lounge. It’s private, so you’ll have to rent a sun lounge, but in return, you’ll get white sand and turquoise water. There’s also an Insta-famous jetty extending out into the sea where you can snap that essential pic before spending the rest of the day relaxing on a lounger. 

This spit of land is also very close to the so-called Ksamil Islands. The closest one is only a short swim away, but we rented a pedal (10 Euro an hour) so that we could explore all of them.

Blogger Mal in Ksamil part of Albania Road Trip Itinerary.
Blogger Mal in Butrint during road trip  itinerary in Albania.

You never really have to leave this area, as there’s a choice of bars and restaurants around to keep you fed and watered.

If you do want a change of scene, head to Butrint National Archaeological Park in the afternoon. About 10 minutes drive from Ksamil, it’s the most impressive ancient site on our 10 day Albania itinerary, featuring ruins from Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Venetian civilisations. Surrounded by nothing but nature, it’s a wonderfully pastoral place.

For most of our Albania road trips so far, we’ve recommended restaurants focusing on authentic Albanian delicacies. If after a week you want to mix up the menu with some tasty seafood, Rillinda is a pricey (by Albanian standards) but pretty restaurant right on the seafront. 

Monastry Beach is a must on any Albania road trip.
Monastery Beach.

On your second day in Ksamil, get in the car and check out some of the out-of-town beaches. Our fav was Monastery, about 10-15 minutes north of Ksamil in the car. It’s a pebble beach in a sheltered cove, which means the sea is very calm. It also tends to be quieter than the beaches in Ksamil village – although it’s still filled with umbrellas. 

For those who fancy a little exercise, you can hike up to the adorably rustic little monastery that gives the beach its name. Balanced on a hilltop, it’s a serene spot to take a moment to just absorb the scenery.

Another place that makes our 10 days in Albania highlight reel is Mirror Beach. This picture-perfect locale has some of the most dazzling water you’ll see along the Albanian Riviera. At low tide, you can wade across to the neighbouring Seagull’s Beach.

End the day with dinner at a`marino restaurant, which serves up seafood dishes in a slightly more upscale environment than most of Ksamil.

Where To Stay In Ksamil

🌟top Pick🌟
Hotel Meta is our top pick hotel for Ksamil

Hotel Meta Ksamil

Ideally located a very short stroll from Ksamil Beach 9, most of the rooms here have balconies facing either city or sea views. Free private parking and breakfast are included.

🌟Mid-Range Pick🌟
John's Guesthouse in Ksamil

John’s Guesthouse

The rooms at John’s Guesthouse are basic but boast some of the best panoramas in town. They’re also very affordable, with parking included in the bargain price.

Day 9 & 10 Of Albania road trip: Himare

Blogger Mal visiting Himare Castle on the Albania roadtrip.
Himare Castle.
Himare Beach.
Himare Beach.

Distance from Ksamil: 65km, around 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Next stop on our Albania travel itinerary is Himare, another spectacular location beside the sea. It’s somehow managed to preserve its small-town charm while also having some top-notch beaches in its vicinity.

Himare is our favourite place on the Albanian Riviera. Compared to the other seaside places we visited around the country, it’s relatively free of tourists. You don’t have as many of those niggling private beach charges that characterise places like Ksamil and Sarande, and the locals are less mercenary.

Start your stay in Himare with a hike to Livadhi Beach. This pebble-sand shoreline is about 60 minutes’ walk away via some scenic footpaths, including a stop at Kico Sea View Himara, where you can gaze down on the sparkling blue Gjiri I Spilese bay. 

The beach itself has its share of umbrellas and loungers, but we were also pleased to find plenty of open space where you can just throw down your towel. 

Livadhi Beach a part of Albania road trip.
Livadhi Beach.

We could easily spend a whole day here, especially as there’s a beach bar and restaurant with decent food if you need a bite and/or a cocktail. If you want to be a bit more active, however, hike back to Himare and go stand-up paddle boarding in time for golden hour. The sea here is usually calm, which makes it perfect for people who don’t have the best balance!

Once the sun has set, head to Steki sti Gonia for a Greek meal of dolmades, moussaka, and orzo with lamb.

For the last day of your Albania road trip, head up the coast a bit further north, where you’ll find Gjipe Beach. Another of our favs is a 2km trek (wear proper shoes!) from the car park, with plenty of viewpoints to enjoy along the way.

Once you get to the beach, you’ll discover a glorious sandy stretch with heavenly azure waters.

Our final recommendation for Himare: drive (or hike) up to the local castle. It’s mostly picturesque ruins, complemented by a small chapel with vivid frescoes. Come for sunset and romantic views out across the sea.

As a last meal, do the seaside like the locals to at SOREN, which serves up big platters of grilled seafood alongside glasses of local wine. 


Distance to Tirana: 245km, about 4 hours’ drive. 

Where To Stay In Himare

🌟Top Pick🌟
Top pick hotel in Himare

Geo & Art Boutique Hotel Himara

Right on Himare’s main beach, this Grecian-style property is the choice for beach bums who want to rise with the sun and step straight into the sea. Rooms come with free private parking.

🌟Mid-Range Pick 🌟
Endless Blue Himara Hotel

Endless Blue Himara

The compact, simply decorated rooms at Endless Blue are ideal for visitors on a budget who want to be beside the beach. Spend a little more and stay in a room with a balcony overlooking the sea. 

Driving In Albania Tips

Blogger Robin on an Albanian road trip.
Robin in The North of Albania.

Before you embark on your itinerary for Albania, here are a few handy pointers to keep in mind:

  • Albanian drivers tend to be a little pushier and forceful than some other countries. Try to leave plenty of space between yourself and other vehicles to avoid any incidents.
  • Although the highways are mostly decent, a lot of the urban and rural roads are riddled with potholes. 
  • Download or print road maps. The internet connection is spotty around the country, and you don’t want to get stuck without directions.
  • The speed limits are generally 40km/h (25mph) in cities and towns, 80km/h (50mph) outside urban areas, and between 90km/h (56mph) and 110km/h (68mph) on highways.
  • Most visitors will require an International Driver’s Permit to legally operate a vehicle, so make sure you have an up-to-date certificate.
  • Headlights are mandatory, even during the day. 
  • Seatbelts must always be worn.
  • The legal alcohol limit is a meagre 0.01mg/ml, so make sure to stay off the sauce.
  • If you encounter any issues, dial 112 and request to speak to an English-language operator.

Albania Itinerary Tips

You can start your Albania road trip itinerary in Sarande.

Fly to Corfu instead of Tirana 

You might find cheaper and/or more convenient flights to Corfu instead of Tirana. From Corfu, it’s only a 30-minute ferry to Sarande, where you can pick up a rental car. If you decide to do this, start your Albania road trip in Himare and do the itinerary in reverse. 

You could also just hang out in Sarande for a while. We actually stayed there for a whole month and really enjoyed our experience.

Always have some cash

It helps to have local currency handy, rather than just a debit or credit card. Many places only take cash, including some hotels. If your funds run low over your 10 days in Albania, we found that Credins Bank ATMs don’t charge extra for withdrawals.

Ask the Locals

Most of the Albanians we’ve met over our three trips have been super helpful, so you can always ask someone for aid if your Albania road trip itinerary gets a little messed up. Just make sure you have that translator app handy, as it’s by no means guaranteed that people will speak English.

Albania Road Trip: FAQs

Is it safe to drive in Albania?

While the local driving style can be quite assertive, don’t let that put you off. Any experienced driver will have no problems embarking on an Albania road trip. You can always rely on the horn if you need to say hi to somebody who’s getting a bit close for comfort!

How are the roads in Albania?

The highways that run through the country, connecting major cities, are usually pretty good. The smaller roads, however, aren’t always well maintained. On an Albanian road trip, you’ll probably be taking at least some country lanes or coastal routes, which can be narrow and winding. 

How many days do you need to visit Albania?

We’ve put together this 10 day Albania itinerary because we reckon a week and a half is an ideal amount of time to spend in Albania. If you’re travelling in one of the colder seasons, you could always trim off the beach time at the end.

What is the best time to visit Albania?

The best road trip Albania has to offer is one that takes place in June. The weather is generally clear, and it’s hot enough to enjoy the Albanian Riviera without having to battle the peak tourist months of July and August. 

Albania Road Trip: The Wrap-Up

We could easily extend this Albania road trip into a whole month, but 10 days is a good amount of time for a first visit. Once you’ve got a feel for the country, its people, the cuisine, and the customs, you can decide whether you want to come back and spend longer travelling the nation.

Spoiler alert: you probably will!

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