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We Did Athens Bike Tour, And Here Is What We Think

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🚲🌳🗺️ Interested Doing Athens bike tour?

If you’re heading to Athens and looking for an adventurous way to explore the city, a bike tour is one of the most fun ways to visit.

We recently had the opportunity to take a ride around the streets of Athens with a local guide in a small group, and it was one of our most memorable experiences while staying in the capital city of Greece!

Cycling around Athens allows you to immerse yourself in its beauty while also having enough time to soak in all of the amazing sites and monuments scattered in the heart of downtown. And, you also gain insight into local city culture from a local guide, who can show you parts of the city that tourists don’t often see.

Join us as we share all about this wonderful experience – get ready for a truly invigorating journey!

🌟TOP Pick🌟
Athens Bike Tour.


This tour is the one that we took, and we really liked it! The company uses quality bikes that are a breeze to ride, and guides are super knowledgeable and friendly, and their input will be the highlight of your tour.

Is It Worth Going On An Athens Bike Tour

Athens Bike Tour.

Exploring Athens on a bike tour might just be the unique experience you’re looking for! Not only is it a great way to get some exercise in while touring a new place; but the real highlight of a bike tour is the insight into local life that you can gain. Your guide will take you to non-touristy spots and give you recommendations for local restaurants that you may not have found otherwise.

So, is it worth going on an Athens bike tour? Absolutely. It’s a fun and informative way to see the city while getting some exercise in the process. We also loved Dinner In The Sky Athens, which is another unique activity we did in Athens!

We loved riding our e-bikes, which felt effortless. Walking around a big city can often be overwhelming and painful for your feet, while Athens by bike gives a more pleasant sightseeing experience and allows you to cover more distance.

#1 Athens Electric Bike Tour – The Tour We Took!

Our Athens Bike Tour took us through the colourful neighbourhood of Psyri.
One of the stops of our Athens Bike Tour was Monastiraki Square.


This Athens e bike tour is the one that we took, and we really liked it! The company uses quality bikes that are a breeze to ride, and guides are super knowledgeable and friendly, and their input will be the highlight of your tour.

No wonder this tour has the highest reviews out of all available Athens bike tours on Viator!

The tour lasts around 3 hours, and the tour group is no larger than 12 participants. There are two starting times- morning and afternoon, and we highly recommend choosing the morning tour.


  • Safety briefing
  • Tour guide
  • The use of an e-bike & helmet
  • Bottle of water


Cycling in Athens through the city gardens.

After a short safety briefing, you will embark on a fun bike tour through the heart of Athens, exploring some of the city’s most iconic and cultural landmarks.

Set off and start your journey amid the majestic ruins of the UNESCO-listed Acropolis of Athens. From there, pedal your way up towards the Acropolis viewpoint, where you’ll catch a scenic view of the ancient temple complex that once served as the centre of Greek civilization.

Panathenaic Stadium, Athens.

After taking in the view, traverse down through the Old Town of Plaka, where you’ll be transported back in time to a different era. Continue your tour through bustling street bazaars in Monastiraki and the hipster neighbourhood of Psyri. Stop at the grand Panathenaic Stadium, where the first modern Olympic games were held in 1896.


Watch the change of guards, which is one of the must-see things in Athens and ride through the serene National Gardens of Athens, where you can relax and bask in the beauty and tranquillity of nature.

Change of guards in Athens.
Hadrian Arch, Athens.

Finally, cap off your adventure with a stop at the impressive Hadrian’s Arch, a colossal Roman gateway.

Electric Bike Tour In Athens: Our Experience 

Robin listening to the guide at Athens bike tour.

Exploring Athens on an e-bike tour was a true joy. Navigating the streets of any new city can be daunting, but with the help of an e-bike, it was super easy! We opted for a morning tour and enjoyed the empty streets of Athens while breathing in the fresh air. We got to the meeting point with Uber, which was very easy.

Our guide regaled us with stories of the city’s rich history, and we were especially grateful for the viewpoint he took us to – it was far less touristy than the usual sights. We loved hearing his other recommendations for Athens, and it gave us a fantastic city orientation. The best part was making new friends and having friendly chats with the other participants.

If you’re seeking a unique way to experience the city, the Athens bike tour is the way to go!

Bike Tour Athens Greece: Practical Tips

Before embarking on your Athens scenic bike tour, here are some things to keep in mind.

✔️ Bring a small water bottle

Staying hydrated is essential during your adventure, so make sure you bring a small water bottle that fits in the bike’s water grip.

✔️ Wear comfortable clothes 

Before hitting the road, it’s important to ensure your comfort – and that starts with what you wear. Opt for comfortable clothes that allow for ease of movement, and choose breathable fabrics as the city can get quite hot. I wore a pair of chino shorts and a white top.

✔️ Wear sunglasses

With the bright Mediterranean sun, when cycling in Athens Greece, it’s important to come prepared with a pair of sunglasses. Not only will they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they’ll also cut down on any glare and make for a more comfortable ride. As you pedal through the vibrant neighbourhoods and historical landmarks, you’ll appreciate the added clarity and protection that a good pair of sunglasses can provide. 

✔️ Carry a crossbody bag 

Instead of taking a large backpack, which can weigh you down while cycling Athens, consider carrying a small crossbody bag to keep your essentials organized and easily accessible while cycling through the city. This will help you keep your hands free and ensure that your phone, wallet, and camera are always within reach.

✔️ Use sun cream

As you gear up for your cycling tour Athens has to offer, it’s crucial to remember the intense Mediterranean sunshine. With temperatures often reaching into the mid-30s Celsius during peak summer months, sun protection isn’t just an option – it’s an absolute necessity!

When you’re out and about on your bike, make sure you’re well-equipped with sun cream that’s at least 30 SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. And don’t forget to reapply every few hours, especially if you’re sweating or finding yourself in direct sunlight.

✔️ Choose the morning tour

We highly recommend choosing one of the morning Athens by bike tours. Not only will you avoid the heat of the day, but you’ll also have the opportunity to experience Athens before the crowds hit.

Alternative Bike Tours Athens

We strongly recommend taking the tour we took, but if you need more options for Athens eco bike tours, here are two more fantastic options.

#2 Wheelz Fat Bike Tour

Wheelz Fat Bike Tour | Photo Credit: Viator


Have you ever ridden a fat e-bike? If not, then this may just be an excellent opportunity.

This tour only takes 1.5 hours, so it is a good option for travellers on tight itineraries. It also limits the group size to 5 participants for a more intimate setting.


  • The use of a fat e-bike & helmet
  • Guide
  • Bottle of water


This fat e bike tour Athens offers a 1.5-hour itinerary that takes you through pedestrianised pathways and around the iconic Acropolis. Led by knowledgeable guides, you’ll also get to learn about the rich history of Athens as you admire the stunning ancient landmarks along the way.

But the fun doesn’t end there – this tour also takes you off the beaten track to explore some hidden locations that are less frequented by tourists. 

#3 Electric Bike Tour of Athens by Night

Athens by night bike tour


This night bicycle tour Athens has to offer is a great option for travellers who want to maximise their stay in the city and already have a busy day itinerary. Plus, there is definitely something magical about seeing Athens at night!


  • The use of bicycle & helmet
  • Tour guide


Starting in the charming Thiseio neighbourhood, your Athens bicycle tour guide will lead you up winding roads to the Acropolis, where you will catch the most breathtaking views of the city at night.

Continue to the Herod Atticus Odeon and the Temple of Olympian Zeus to pay your respects to ancient Greece’s great monuments before stopping by the Presidential Mansion to witness the ceremonial change of guards.

Afterwards, ride through the magical Plaka neighbourhood and eventually make your way to the awe-inspiring Arch of Hadrian. These stops and sights along the way will surely inspire the adventure in you.

Athens Bike Tour: FAQ

Is Athens good for cycling?

Athens may not be the first city that comes to mind when you think of cycling destinations, but it has plenty to offer those looking to explore on two wheels. With a growing network of bike paths and lanes, the city is becoming increasingly bike-friendly.

Cyclists can take in stunning views of the Acropolis and the ancient ruins of the city while pedalling through historic neighbourhoods like Plaka and Monastiraki. And for those seeking a challenge, the hill climb up Mount Lycabettus offers a rewarding workout and breathtaking vistas of the metropolis below.

Does Athens have city bikes?

Athens does indeed have city bikes available for rent through various providers such as Kezqo or Athens Bike Rental, but they are not as widely available in the main tourist areas of Athens compared to other European cities such as Prague or Budapest. For this reason, the best way to make the most of your stay is to go on an Athens bike tour.

Does Athens have bike lanes?

Over the past few years, Athens has been making significant strides towards sustainable transportation. As the city plans for a greener, more pedestrian – and bike-friendly future, the implementation of bike lanes has become a top priority. While initially, Athens lacked the proper infrastructure for cyclists, the city has made a commendable effort to change that. Today, Athens has numerous bike lanes that provide cyclists with a safe and efficient means of transport. 

Do you need a license to drive a bike in Greece?

You do not need a license to ride a bike in Greece, which means that you can explore the stunning scenery and ancient sites at your own pace without worrying about any legal requirements. 

Do you have to wear a helmet on a bike in Greece?

When hitting the streets on a bike in Greece, safety should always be top of mind. Though it is not explicitly required by law to wear a helmet, we highly recommend it. Not only does it protect you from potential head injuries, but it also sets a good example for others.

By wearing a helmet, you’re inspiring a culture of safety and responsibility. It’s important to remember that accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. By taking precautions and taking care of ourselves, we can enjoy the beauty of Greece on two wheels with peace of mind.

Athens Bike Tour

Athens Bike Tour: Final Word

🚲🌳🗺️ To wrap up, we’d have to say that this Athens bike tour is an absolute must for anybody looking for a unique way to explore the city. No matter your level of fitness or cycling skills, with a little enthusiasm and the help of your e-bike, you are guaranteed to have a fun experience.

We really enjoyed our morning Athens electric bike tour, especially our guide’s useful recommendations and interesting stories about living in Athens and our friendly chats with other tour participants.

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