Naoussa or Parikia

Naoussa Or Parikia – Which One Is Better In 2024?

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Famous for its stunning golden sand beaches, clear waters and bustling nightlife, Paros is undoubtedly an excellent island to visit. Now comes the hard part – deciding which town to stay in: Naoussa or Parikia?

Both are lively towns with plenty of things going on, but they also have very different vibes! SPOILER ALERT! – Naoussa is more trendy & picturesque, and Parikia is more budget-friendly.

But worry not; we’ve put together this guide comparing both towns and will give you our verdict on the ultimate place that’ll make your trip as memorable as possible. Let’s explore what Naoussa & Parikia each have in store…

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Is It Better To Stay in Naoussa Or Parikia?

Naoussa Marina
Parikia Paros Greece

Naoussa and Parikia are two of the most popular destinations for accommodation on the island, each with its own charm and attractions.

Naoussa is a picturesque village on the island’s north side, with a bustling harbour, chic shops, fine dining and stylish boutique hotels. Some of the best things to do in Naoussa Paros include exploring the Venetian castle, its colourful marina, wine tasting at Moraitis Winery and shopping amongst its white-washed alleys.

Parikia, on the other hand, is the island’s capital and largest town. It has a more relaxed atmosphere and accommodation that can suit any budget, including many affordable options. Things to do in Parikia Paros include getting lost in its old town, lounging on the beach, and watching the sunset.

Choosing between these two beautiful locations depends entirely on what kind of holiday you seek. Parikia is ideal for travellers looking for a budget, fuss-free stay and easy access to the port and bus connections with the rest of the island, while Naoussa is the perfect place for a more up-market experience.

Let’s explore the two towns of Paros in more detail in the following sections.

What Is The Best Place To Stay In Paros For Nightlife?

Naoussa or Parikia nighlife
The lively Naoussa marina at sunset.

Both Naoussa and Parikia offer an array of options to explore after the sun sets. However, the Paros nightlife is nowhere near as crazy as in Mykonos.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated experience, consider Naoussa as your ultimate choice. The town has a unique charm, thanks to its picturesque marina. Here, you’ll find a selection of stylish cocktail bars and excellent restaurants, each with its own distinct personality. By clustering around the marina, they create a lively atmosphere and make hopping from one bar to another easy.

In contrast, Parikia nightlife is spread out along the coast, providing more diversity but less cohesion. Nevertheless, it still boasts some chic and fashionable bars where you can unwind, but generally, the vibe is more casual, and the prices are slightly cheaper.

Here are some of the best bars in Naoussa Paros & Parikia:

Naoussa Bars:

  • Sommaria Consolato
  • Sante Cocktail Bar
  • Salty 
  • Sousouro
  • Linardo

Parikia Bars:

  • The Dubliner
  • Pirate Bar
  • YaYa Cafe And Bar
  • Kokukoutoi
  • Sativa Music Bar

➡️ Our Verdict: We prefer the Naoussa nightlife vibe over Parikia’s. It’s picturesque marina and fancy cocktail bars have no match!

What Is The Best Area To Stay In Paros For Beaches?

Monastiri one of the best Paros Beach Clubs.
Monastiri Beach Paros.

If you’re planning a beach getaway in Paros, you may be wondering which area is the best to stay in. Luckily, both Parikia and Naoussa are a short drive away from some of the most stunning beaches in Paros.

If you want to be able to walk to the beach, then Parikia will be better for you, as its town centre is within walking distance of many beaches such as Livadia Beach.

However, if you want to be closer to the most epic Paros beaches, although you may need to rent a car or take a boat shuttle, Naoussa will be best.

Near Naoussa, Monastiri Beach is a must-visit for its chic beach club, picturesque bay, red rock, and turquoise water. Kolimbithres Beach is also worth a visit for its unique stone formation and crystal-clear water. And if you’re looking for a long stretch of sand, Santa Maria Beach won’t disappoint. If you’re staying in Naoussa, you can take a boat shuttle to any of these beaches.

Marcello Beach Paros
Marcelo Beach

On the other hand, near Parikia, you’ll find Marcelo Beach, which boasts fabulous sandy shores and stunning views of Parikia town. And don’t miss Parasporos Bay, which offers crystal clear water and a peaceful atmosphere.

➡️ Our Verdict: For us, Naoussa beaches are the best, although you can also easily reach them from Parikia too. Our favourite Paros beach clubs near Naoussa are Monastiri and RADA.

Parikia Or Naoussa: Hotels

where to stay in Paros

If you’re planning a trip to Paros, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is where to stay on the island. While there are a number of places to choose from, two of the most popular destinations are Naoussa and Parikia.

Naoussa is known for its luxurious, stylish suites, featuring chic interiors, relaxing jacuzzis, and an exclusive boutique ambience. If you’re looking for a truly indulgent experience, Naoussa hotels are the way to go. With high-end accommodation options, Naoussa Paros is also excellent for couples on a romantic holiday or even honeymoon.


On the other hand, If you’re a budget-conscious traveller, Parikia is the ideal destination for you. It offers a plethora of affordable accommodations, including comfortable budget lodgings and family-friendly apartments that won’t break the bank. 

Best Hotels In Parikia:

➡️ Argonauta Hotel – TOP PICK eco-conscious, Cycladic decor, right in the historic centre. CHECK RATES

➡️ Siroco’s – top budget pick. CHECK RATES

Best Hotels In Naoussa Paros:

➡️ Christina Hotel – TOP PICK adults-only, in the heart of Naoussa. CHECK RATES

➡️ Anna Studios – top budget pick. CHECK RATES

➡️ Our Verdict: Since we travel as a couple, we prefer the boutique hotels Naoussa Paros has to offer.

Naoussa Vs Parikia: Restaurants

Naoussa Paros Restaurants

Both Naoussa and Parikia have mouth-watering options to fit any budget, but each has its own unique dining scene to explore.

Naoussa boasts more upscale dining options and a picturesque marina where you can dine al fresco while taking in the bustling ambience and views of the colourful boats. Fine dining enthusiasts, this is the spot for you.


Meanwhile, Parikia offers a breathtaking coastal setting with sunset views to match. Here, you’ll also find a wide range of restaurants serving up authentic Greek cuisine as well as international dishes, but also many budget-friendly choices

➡️ Our Verdict: Both towns offer great dining options, but for us, nothing beats the dining experience of the marina restaurants Naoussa Paros has to offer!

Best Naoussa restaurants:

  • Almond in Paros – for breakfast and lunch
  • Sousouro Naoussa – excellent for breakfast and lunch
  • Sigi Ikthios – ideal for dinner
  • Yemeni wine restaurant – ideal for dinner

Best Parikia restaurants:

  • COSA `Breakfast-Cafe-Bar’ – breakfast and lunch
  • Cafe Symposium Paros – breakfast and lunch
  • Bountaraki – ideal for dinner
  • Koutouki – ideal for dinner

Naoussa Or Parikia Paros: Sunsets

Paros sunset is the best in Parikia.

When it comes to catching the perfect sunset in Paros, it’s hard to choose between the charming towns of Parikia and Naoussa. Both offer stunning views of the horizon as the sun dips below the waves of the Aegean Sea.

In Parikia, you’ll find a lively harbour dotted with relaxed cafes and traditional tavernas, where you can sip on a refreshing drink as the sky turns to shades of pink and orange.

Meanwhile, Naoussa boasts a picturesque historic marina lined with whitewashed houses, creating a dreamy atmosphere that’s perfect for couples looking for a romantic date. Naoussa’s marina is super cute but it doesn’t offer a direct sunset view, as Parikia does.

➡️ Our Verdict: We believe that Parikia has the best sunset in Paros! And, our favourite sunset spot in Parikia is at the Church of Agios Konstantinos.

Naoussa Vs Parikia: Shopping

Naoussa shops
Naoussa shops

If you’re on the lookout for some unique fashion finds, you may be torn between visiting Naoussa or Parikia for your shopping needs. While both towns boast a fantastic range of shops that will satisfy your fashion cravings, there are some key differences to consider.

Naoussa Village Paros is known for its stylish and chic boutiques that showcase small designers and offer unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

On the other hand, Parikia also offers an interesting selection of fashion, but at more affordable prices. So, it really comes down to your personal preferences and, most importantly, budget.

➡️ Our Verdict: Both towns offer a great range of interesting shops, but we prefer the chic Naoussa shops.

Naoussa Or Parikia: Convenience

If you wondering: Where to stay in Paros Naoussa or Parikia for convenience, we believe that there is no better place than Parikia.

Parikia Paros

Parikia is the island’s capital and offers a larger selection of amenities, including a bustling port, extensive shops and nightlife. It is the best place to stay on Paros for first-timers due to its convenient central location and excellent bus links with the rest of the island. And for that reason, Parikia is the ideal town to stay in for travellers who don’t want to rent a car.

Naoussa Marina

Naoussa is located north of Parikia and it also has some good bus connections and good tourist infrastructure, but it is smaller and more limited.

➡️ Our Verdict: Parikia is hands-down the best location to stay in Paros for convenience, especially if you don’t plan on renting a car.

Naoussa Or Parikia: FAQ

Naoussa Restaurants
Old Town in Naoussa Paros.

Is Paros expensive?

You might be surprised to hear that prices there are not as high as you think. Paros is much more affordable than other famous islands like Santorini and Mykonos. If you head to a restaurant, expect to pay around €15-€20 for a main meal. A bottle of wine can cost between €20-€30. In Naoussa, a fancy cafe breakfast will set you back about €12, while fresh juice will cost €6-€7. For beer lovers, a beer costs around €5.

How far is Naoussa from Parikia?

The main town of Parikia is located about 10km from Naoussa. You can get there by car in around 15 minutes or take the bus, which takes between 20-30 minutes.

Is Naoussa better than Parikia?

It really depends on what kind of holiday you’re looking for. If it’s good value for money accommodation and convenient links with the rest of the island that appeal to you, then Parikia is the best choice. However, if a more stylish and chic vibe is what you seek, then Naoussa could be the better option.

Is Naoussa a party town?

Naoussa has a lively nightlife scene, with plenty of bars and clubs to entertain you until the early hours. However, it’s important to note that the atmosphere is much more relaxed compared to other towns like Mykonos.

How much is a taxi from Parikia to Naoussa Paros?

The taxi fare from Parikia to Naoussa is around €30-€40. For a more cost-effective option, you can rent a car or scooter for around €30 per day. Renting a car in Paros is super easy and will allow you to explore other villages, such as Lefkes and beaches in the area.

Parikia to Naoussa taxi cost – €30-€40

Naoussa Or Parikia: Final Word

In conclusion, both Naoussa and Parikia have something unique to offer visitors to Paros. If you’re looking for convenience and great value accommodation, then Parikia is the place to stay.

But if you’re after a more stylish island experience with chic cafes and boutique hotels, then Naoussa is your ideal destination. Whichever you choose, Paros will surely be a memorable holiday.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading. We hope this guide helped you decide between Naoussa or Parikia as the best place to stay in Paros.

Happy travelling! 🏖️🧳🌍

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