Monastiri one of the best Paros Beach Clubs.

15 Epic Paros Beach Clubs : Where To Lounge & Party In 2024

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Looking for the best Paros beach clubs?

Are you dreaming of a getaway to the Greek Islands? Then look no further than Paros! With its stunning beaches, delicious cuisine and irresistible ambience, it is not hard to see why this island is a beloved holiday destination. 

Paros is an idyllic destination that is home to an array of incredible beach clubs, offering soaring music vibes and plenty of opportunities for socialising. Not a party animal? No problem! Paros also has plenty of relaxing lounges perfect for couples and families.

Most of the beach bars Paros has to offer can be visited by bus, but we find that renting a car in Paros is the best for comfort and is super affordable.

This post will take you on a journey through the very best beach clubs Paros has to offer, where you can soak up supreme Mediterranean sunshine during the day on a comfy lounger while sipping a cocktail.

Paros Beach Clubs: At A Glance

Santa Maria Beach Naoussa
Santa Maria Beach, Paros.

Paros has many beautiful beaches and also a wide selection of beach clubs. Here is a short summary of the best Paros Beach Clubs:

🌟 Monastiri – the best overall Paros beach club.

🌟 Punda Coast – best for parties.

🌟 Cabana Beach Club – best for affordable prices (Parikia).

🌟 RADA – near Naoussa, stylish and quiet.

🌟 Rebel – best beach club on Golden Beach.

🌟 Faragas – best pick for a windy day.

🌟 Aliki – best for families.

#1 Punda Coast: Best Paros Beach Club For Party.

pounda beach paros

Located on the stunning east coast of the island, the charming village of Marpissa and Logaras Beach, Punda beach club Paros is the perfect spot for those searching for young crowds and party vibes.

Plus, the bay where the club is situated (called Punda Beach Paros) is truly picturesque, with golden sand and crystal-clear, shallow water. You won’t be able to resist jumping in and cooling off on a hot summer’s day.

The beach club boasts a large pool and various lounging areas around the pool and directly on the beach. The sun beds and umbrella set starts at €30 and depends on the comfort of the bed and proximity to the sea.

The menu includes a wide selection of cocktails, wines and spirits, as well as healthy smoothies and juices. While the food menu consists of pizzas, salads and Buddha bowls.

The house music playing in the afternoon sets the tone for a fairly chilled day. The atmosphere transforms in the afternoon, and the vibe gets louder and more party-like. Weekends are especially lively, with DJs spinning tunes and young crowds dancing. 

Paros Punda Beach is located a half an hour drive from Parikia and about a similar time from Naoussa. You can get here by car or take the local bus.

Where: Location on Google

Address: Μarpissa 844 00

#2 Monastiri Beach Bar: Nestles On Paros Best Beach.

Monastiri - one of the best beach clubs in Paros.
Monastiri Beach Paros.

Nestled in a picturesque bay with turquoise water and surrounded by striking red rock formations, Monastiri is by far our favourite beach in Paros and certainly the most scenic one.

Pamper yourself in style at the Monastiri Beach Club with its fantastic facilities and beach boho vibes. Indulge in the refreshing, expertly crafted cocktails while relaxing on their ultra-comfortable, plush sun loungers. Spend your day soaking up the sun and taking in the breathtaking views without a care in the world.

TOP TIP: If you’re travelling during the peak season, book the sun loungers in advance. The prices start at €40 for a pair.

Monastiri Beach Club Paros
Monastiri Beach Club Paros

The beach club also boasts a restaurant, and in the afternoon, the chilled atmosphere gets more lively. Also, if you get bored of sunbathing, you can rent out a canoe or a pedalo and explore the shore. The water in the bay is very calm, which makes it the perfect place to test your balance on a standup paddle board.

The name Monastiri comes from the nearby St. John’s of Deti Monastery. The monastery is super picturesque with its whitewashed walls and blue dome and offers breathtaking views of the small cove where Monastiri Beach is located. 

Monastiri Beach Paros is situated a 15-minute drive from Naoussa and 20 minutes from Parikia. If you’re not driving, you can get here by bus or a water taxi from Naoussa.

Where: Location on Google

Address: Monastiri, Naousa, Paros

#3 Cabana Beach Club – Best Beach Club Paros For Affordable Prices.

Cabana Beach Club Paros

If you’re looking for a relaxed beach club Paros with fairly priced sun loungers starting at €20 for the set and a good menu, Cabana Paros is for you.

Cabana beach bar Paros is located in the northern part of Parikia Bay, a 9-minute drive from the town centre. If you’re staying near Livadia Beach, you can easily walk to Cabana by following the coast.

The beach club is fairly small and overlooks Parikia town and a small beach lined with huge palm trees.

Cabana Beach Club Paros

In the afternoon, the chilled vibe turns into a party atmosphere with louder music and a live DJ show. The food menu offers a selection of sandwiches, burgers (including a veggie and fish option) and salads.

We loved how affordable this place was in comparison to other Paros beach clubs. We appreciated the complimentary water and friendly customer service.

Where: Location on Google

Address: Parikia Bay, Paros 844 00

#4 Marcello Beach Paros – Expansive Beach & Great Cocktails.

Marcello Beach Paros

Nestled on a remote Kriotiri beach near Parikia, Marcelo beach club is an excellent option for travellers seeking to relax on a picturesque and expansive beach.

Marcelo Beach Paros boasts boho vibes, large plush sun beds that start at €35 per set depending on the proximity to the sea and straw umbrellas. There is also a lot of space between the loungers, and the club is suitable for both couples and families.

The menu includes a selection of pizzas, burgers (including veggies), sandwiches and salads. They also serve cheese and cold cuts platters for nibbling and a wide selection of cocktails. And, in the afternoons, they often host a DJ.

TOP TIP: During the peak season, arrive early to book in advance to ensure the space. You will also need to drive to get to Marcelo, which is situated 4 km from Parikia town centre, as there are no public buses that go to Kriotiri Beach.

Where: Location on Google

Address: Kriotiri Beach, Parikia, Paros

#5 Santa Maria Beach Bar Paros – Expansive Beach & Lively, Stylish Bar.

Santa Maria Beach Club Paors.
Santa Maria Beach Club near Naoussa.

Santa Maria Paros is one of the most lively Paros clubs for sun-seekers and party lovers, located 5 km east of Naoussa or about an 11-minute drive. This fabulous beach club is nestled on the gorgeous Santa Maria Beach Paros, boasting an expansive stretch of golden sand and crystal clear, turquoise water.

What we loved the most about this place is its expansive beach and shallow water that was perfect for SUPing.

The club offers a selection of sunbeds and umbrellas starting at €40 per set and cabanas at €50 per set, and there is also a minimum charge to dine at the restaurant. Throughout the day, the music is relaxing, and towards the afternoon, it gets louder, and they often host a DJ during weekends.

The menu includes a wide selection of crafted cocktails and spirits, sandwiches, salads, fries and healthy bowls. And, for the water sports enthusiast, there are SUP boards and kayaks for rent.

There is a daily bus service that offers transport from Naoussa, and if you’re staying in Parikia, you will need to drive to get here.

Where: Location on Google

Address: Santa Maria Beach, Naousa Paros 844 01

#6 RADA – Best Beach Club In Paros For Peace & Quiet.

RADA one of the paros greece beach clubs near naoussa.

Located on Agioi Anargyroi Beach, a few minutes walk from the Naoussa town centre and a short drive from Moraitis Winery, RADA is the best Naoussa beach club to spend a relaxing day and enjoy fine cocktails and dining.

RADA offers large, plush sun beds that are nicely spaced out from each other and a relaxing ambience, even at sunset. If you’re not a fan of loud music and party vibes, this may be the best beach bar in Paros for you.

RADA one of the paros greece beach clubs near naoussa.
RADA one of the paros greece beach clubs near naoussa.

Chill on your comfy sun bed while sipping a crafted cocktail, and enjoy your peace and quiet. RADA also has a fantastic, high-end lunch and dinner menu, serving Greek fusion cuisine with a modern presentation. Also, if you’re looking for a romantic spot for dinner, this place is just that.

Where: Location on Google

Address: Agioi Anargyroi, Naoussa, Paros, 84401

#7 Anemos Beach Club Paros – Best For A Stunning Beach Settings.

kolymbithres beach paros

If you’re looking for the best beaches near Naoussa Paros, you should definitely visit the unique Kolymbithres Beach, which you can reach within an 8-minute drive from the town centre.

Kolymbithres Beach is tucked away in a tranquil bay and boasts the perfect swimming conditions with its crystal clear calm water and shallow shore suitable also for kids to enjoy. This beach is also famous for its interesting rock formations.

If you prefer sandy beaches, this beach may not be for you. It also does not have too much space for your own towel, but if you arrive in the morning, you may be able to secure a small space between the rocks and have your own private beach corner.

kolymbithres beach paros
kolymbithres beach paros

There are two places on this fantastic beach where you can rent sun loungers – Anemos and Paros on the Rocks (reviewed below). The difference between these two Paros beach bars is price, sun bed comfort and location. Anemos is a little more affordable (prices start at €20 for a pair of loungers off-season), and the sunbed area is smaller.

Where: Location on Google

Address: Kolymbithres Beach Paros

#8 Paros On The Rocks – Located On One Of The Best Paros Beaches.

Paros on the rocks

Paros on the Rocks is the second Paros beach bar on Kolymbithres Beach. It occupies a larger area in a secluded bay between the rocks. The sun loungers are a little more comfortable compared to Anemos, but the prices are also a little higher (starting at €30), especially in the first row.

kolymbithres beach paros
kolymbithres beach paros

If you decide on renting sun loungers here, you can also get served drinks and light bites directly to your sun lounger. The food comes from the nearby taverna. Personally, we preferred Paros on the Rocks because their sun beds looked way more comfortable.

TIP: If you’re travelling in July or August, arrive early to secure a sun bed. The beach is small and can get quite busy.

Where: Location on Google

Address: Paros Kolymbithres Beach

#9 Rebel Beach Club – One Of The Best Beach Clubs In Paros For Chilled Vibes & Sandy Beach.

rebel beach bar paros

If you’re after chilled, casual vibes and a well-priced menu, Rebel may be one of the best beach clubs Paros has to offer. It is located on Chrisi Akti, considered by many – Paros best beach thanks to its large expanse of golden, soft sand. Chrisi Akti, also known as Golden Beach, is also one of the best places to stay in Paros for beach lovers!

Rebel’s menu includes a range of well-priced cocktails, beer and wines. The food menu consists of salads, burgers and sandwiches. Try their hummus with pita bread and shrimp tacos; you won’t regret it! Apart from lounging and swimming, here you can also rent out a standup paddleboard, which is a fantastic way to get some movement and explore the shore.

Where: Location on Google

Address: Golden Beach, Paros 844 00

#10 Sal Y Mar Beach Lounge

Chrissi Akti Golden Beach Paros

Sal Y Mar is another great beach club Paros Greece, located on the western end of Golden Beach, a 28-minute drive from Parikia and 20 minutes from Naoussa.

Chrissi Akti Golden Beach Paros
Chrissi Akti Golden Beach Paros

Their menu offers an extensive list of cocktails, wines, beers, coffees and fresh juices. And, when you get hungry, there is also a choice of pizzas, sandwiches and salads.

Where: Location on Google

Address: Golden Beach Paros 844 00

#11 Faragas Beach Club Paros – One Of The Best Paros Beach Clubs On A Windy Day.

faragas beach bar paros

Faragas Beach is tucked away in a tranquil bay, and it’s the best beach in Paros on a windy day when other beaches in Paros Greece are exposed to wind. For that reason, Faragas is one of our favourite beaches, and we love swimming in its shallow, crystal clear and calm waters! The beach also has gorgeously soft, golden sand, and there is a nice viewpoint situated on the rocks.

From Parikia, you can reach Faragas in around 20 minutes, and if you’re based in Naoussa, the drive will take 40 minutes. The price for a sun lounger set and umbrella ranges from €20 to €50. The menu includes a selection of cocktails, beers and wines, sandwiches, pizzas, salads and seafood dishes.

Where: Location on Google

Address: Faragas Beach Paros

#12 CACTUS Beach Bar Paros – Chilled Vibes & Good Customer Service.

Logaras Beach Paros

CACTUS is located on Logaras Beach Paros, a 26-minute drive from Parikia and an 18-minute drive from Naoussa. Logaras is a small town with a couple of family-owned hotels and a charming, cosy beach situated near Punda Beach.

Cactus Beach Paros offers sun lounger rentals and is known for its friendly customer service. The menu includes a range of salads, sandwiches, burgers and grilled seafood and meats, as well as cocktails, beers and wines. We found the vibe to be more chilled out and family-friendly here.

Where: Location on Google

Address: Logaras Beach, Paros.

#13 Aliki – One Of Paros Best Beach Clubs For Families.

Aliki has one of the best Paros Beach Clubs for families.

Aliki Beach Paros is located on the island’s southern coast, a 16-minute drive from Parikia and a 27-minute drive from Naoussa. Aliki town is a super chilled, small town with a family-friendly feel. Here, you won’t find loud music or a party feel, but what you find is a small taverna on the beach that offers food and drink service and a sun beds rental.

Due to its quiet and chilled vibe, Aliki is among the beach clubs in Paros Greece, for families. The beach is small and the water shallow, and because Paros Aliki Beach is tucked in a bay, which shelters it from the winds, it is the perfect beach to visit during a windy day.

Where: Location on Google

Address: Aliki, Paros.

#14 Palm Beach Club Paros – One Of The Best Paros Beach Clubs For Remote Location.

Palm Beach Paros.

If you’re looking for a Paros beach club in a secluded location, away from the crowds, then check out Paros Palm Beach. It is located on the remote but beautiful Agia Irini Beach, a 12-minute drive from the town of Parikia. You will need a car to get here because the road that is leading to the beach is narrow and bumpy.

The prices start at €20, and the menu includes cocktails, beer, wines and coffees, as well as salads, sandwiches, seafood dishes and desserts.

Where: Location on Google

Address: Agia Irini Beach Paros.

#15 Parasporos Beach Club Paros

Parasporos Beach Paros

Last but not least is the Parasporos Beach Club, located in a picturesque bay, just an 8-minute drive from the port of Parikia. Despite being so close to the busy town of Parikia, Parapsoros tends to be quiet and chilled. And, because the beach is protected from the wind, the water is glassy and crystal clear, ideal for swimming.

The beach club is family-owned, and it’s known for its friendly service and fair prices. The sunlounger rental is also much cheaper than anywhere else on the island, making Parasporos Beach Paros an ideal beach for budget travellers.

The taverna serves traditional Greek cuisine, a selection of grilled meats and seafood, as well as light bites such as salads, sandwiches and burgers.

Where: Location on Google

Address: Parasporos, Paros.

Paros Beach Clubs: FAQ

Does Paros have beach clubs?

Yes, there are many beach clubs in Paros, ranging from luxury lounges to clubs that organise the best beach parties and family-friendly relaxing spots. Some of the most famous Paros beach clubs include Punda Beach Bar Paros, Monastiri and Santa Maria.

Is Paros good for clubbing?

Yes, Paros is renowned for its beach clubs and lively nightlife. Whether you’re looking to have a wild night out or just want to chill at one of the many bars along the coast, there’s something for everyone in Paros! For the best Paros nightlife, stay in either Parikia or Naoussa, which are the most lively towns in Paros.

What is the vibe in Paros?

For a small island, Paros is, there is a different vibe depending on where you go. Experience the laid-back ambience of family towns such as Aliki and Piso Livadi, indulge in luxury shopping and high-end dining at the up-market Naoussa, or unwind in the relaxed atmosphere of Parikia. With Paros, there’s something for every taste and mood.

Is Paros a party island?

No, Paros is not a party island like Mykonos. While there are beach clubs and bars where you can find parties and nightlife, the atmosphere on Paros is more laid-back than on other Greek islands such as Mykonos or Santorini. If you’re looking for wild parties, then Paros may not be the best choice for you. However, it’s still an excellent holiday destination with plenty of attractions to explore, such as beaches, villages, and historical sites.

Is Paros nicer than Mykonos?

It depends on your personal preference and what you’re looking for in a vacation. Mykonos offers a vibrant nightlife and upscale beach clubs and restaurants, while Paros has a more laid-back atmosphere with plenty to explore, and it’s much more affordable. Both islands are beautiful destinations with great beaches, so it’s really down to individual tastes. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which one is nicer!

Which island is nicer Naxos or Paros?

Naxos is more affordable and is renowned for its pristine and unspoiled beaches, such as Plaka Beach. It also has a variety of archaeological sites from the Venetian and Mycenaean eras and authentic Cycladic villages hidden in the mountains that offer insight into its ancient past.

Both islands are beautiful and have plenty to offer.

However, for beach clubs and nightlife scenes, Paros is the better choice due to its vibrant atmosphere compared with Naxos’ quieter ambience. Ultimately it depends on what kind of vacation you’re looking for – if it’s luxury beach clubs and fine dining, then Paros is the place to go; while if you’re after something more tranquil with plenty of sightseeing opportunities, then Naxos might be more suitable!

Monastiri Beach Club

Is Paros island better than Santorini?

It depends on your personal preference and what you’re looking for in a vacation. Santorini offers dramatic views of volcanic cliffs, and its most famous town Oia is a bucket list destination. It is, therefore, super popular and very busy during the summer months, and what comes with it is very pricey.

Paros offers a more laid-back atmosphere and is more affordable but still offers plenty to explore and has better beaches. Both islands are beautiful destinations, so it’s really down to individual tastes. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which one is better!

How many days is enough in Paros?

It depends on what kind of activities you like to do when you are travelling. Paros has much to offer, from stunning beaches and archaeological sites to hiking trails and nightlife spots. If you want to experience everything Paros has to offer, a visit of 5-7 days is recommended. However, if you just want to relax at the beach or explore one area in more depth, 2 or 3 days would be sufficient. Ultimately it depends on what type of vacation experience you want!

Which side of Paros has the best beaches?

Paros is actually very small, and you can get from one part of the island to the other in 30 minutes. Some of the best beaches include Monastiri and Santa Maria, located in the northern part of the island, near Naoussa. But you can also find incredible beaches in the southeastern part of the island, which is home to Golden Beach.

Paros Beach Clubs: Wrap-up

There’s no doubt that exploring the many different Paros beach clubs has something for everyone. 

Whether you want to throw a big bash with your friends and hit the dance floor, indulge in a luxury spa day on the water, spend some quality time with family, or just relax and soak up some sun, there’s a spot for you here. The perfect balance of vibrant energy and tranquil zen will leave you feeling like you’ve stepped into paradise.

Paros is definitely an island that should be on your bucket list, and I hope this article inspired you to book your next trip to this Cycladic heaven.

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