Moraitis Winery Paros

Moraitis Winery Paros: Our Review + Tips

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🍷🍇😊 A Guide To Visiting Moraitis Winery Paros

Are you looking for a truly unique wine-tasting experience? Then, you have to check out the Moraitis Winery on the beautiful Greek island of Paros.

This picturesque winery is located right in the heart of the island near the cosmopolitan village of Naoussa Paros. It offers visitors an unforgettable journey through some of Paros’ best-known wines.

From indulging in local specialities like the iconic Assyrtiko to sampling wonderful regional cheeses and exploring its charming vineyards – this will be an unforgettable visit!

As we travelled through the Cycladic islands, we visited various wineries, and this Naoussa winery was one of our favourite ones. We enjoyed its relaxed vibe, that we could choose what wine we taste and, of course, the wine itself!

Whether you are travelling solo or with friends or family, make sure that Moraitis Winery makes it onto your itinerary! Here is everything you need to know before your visit.

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Moraitis Winery: At A Glance

Paros wine tour at Moraitis.

Address: Epar. Od. Naoussas-Marpissas, Naousa 844 01, Paros, Greece.

Opening times: Monday to Saturday, 11 am to 7 pm.

Ticket prices: Different wine-tasting packages are available, with prices starting at €12 for three wine tastings + snacks.

Parking: On-street parking in front of the entrance.

Where Is The Moraitis Winery In Paros Located?

Moraitis Winery Location.

Paros Moraitis Winery is located in the picturesque town of Naoussa, in the northern part of the island and a 15-minute drive from the capital town and island’s port – Parikia. If you’re looking for where to stay in Paros, both times are really good options.

How To Get To Moraitis Winery?

Parikia to Moraitis Winery Route.

From Parikia:

As the Moraitis Paros is situated 11 km away from Parikia, you will need some sort of mode of transport. Renting a car in Paros is very affordable; the prices start at €30 per day, and if you get a car, you’ll be able to visit other nearby places.

If you don’t want to drive, you can take a bus from Parikia’s harbour to Naoussa and walk from the bus stop to the winery. Paros Island has a good bus network, and there are regular buses from Parikia to Naoussa throughout the day. The bus timetable varies depending on the season, so check it out prior to making any solid plans.

Finally, you can take a taxi from Parikia to Naoussa, but this will be the least economical way of getting there unless you travel with a family of friends and can split the cost. Expect to pay around €30-€40 each way.

From Naoussa:

Since Naoussa is a small place, depending on where your hotel is, you will probably be able to just walk to the Moraitis Winery Paros Greece. For example, a walk from the historic marina takes around 15 minutes.

Moraitis Winery: What To Expect?

naoussa winery
Moraitis Winery Paros

When visiting the Moraitis Winery Naoussa Paros, you will have a very pleasant experience. The winery is family-owned, and today, the 4th generation of the Manolis Moraitis family continues to cultivate rare varieties and has preserved the original way of winemaking, which started in 1910. Their 100 acres of vineyards offer some breathtaking views!

Once you enter this quaint winery, you will be welcomed by the staff and taken for a guided Paros winery tour around the property, including the vineyard and the cellars where they make and store the wine. Here, you’ll learn about their traditional method of producing wine coupled with the latest technology – from harvesting to bottling and tasting.

Afterwards, your wine tour Paros continues, and you will get to sample some of the island’s finest wines which you can enjoy either on the patio or inside their historic building. You can choose between several tasting packages depending on your personal preferences. To make your experience even more special, the winery offers a selection of regional cheeses to accompany your wine.

Overall, this is a great place to visit, and out of all Paros wineries, Moraitis is the most famous one and also the most convenient to get to.

So if you’re looking for a unique way to sample some delicious Greek wines, then make sure to visit Moraitis Winery on your next trip to Paros!

What’s the Moritis Winery Price For A Tour?

The wine-tasting packages at Paros Winery Moraitis are flexible, and you can purchase a small tasting starting from as little as €12. This includes 3 samples of wine with a plate of home-baked bread and local cheese.

What we most liked about Moraitis Paros wine tasting is that we could choose our wines from a few different packages. I’m not a fan of red wine, so I opted for a selection of 2 whites and 1 rose, which tasted fabulous.

You can also upgrade to five wine samples and a larger plate of nibbles for €40. All options include a tour of the winery and cellars, providing insight into the art of traditional wine-making. 

*Each wine sample is only 40 ml, so if you have all three, it’s less than a small glass of wine, which means that you can drive after the tasting.

Moraitis Naoussa Winery Menu

Enjoying Paros wines at Moraitis Winery.

What is also great about the Moraitis winery tour is that after the tasting, you can order a glass of the wine you enjoyed the most for a very reasonable price. If you’re not driving, you can spend at this winery in Paros Greece the whole afternoon.

The locally produced Naoussa wine prices vary from €5.50 for a glass (150 ml) of Sillogi white to €9.50 for 4-year-old sweet Malvasia wine.

Moraitis also offers a small but carefully curated food menu.

From a tempting cheese platter to an assortment of cold cuts to savoury bruschetta and salad and grilled meatballs, the appetizers at Moraitis are a good accompaniment to their wine.

And, if you decide to stay for dinner, they offer a selection of three main dishes to choose from, including grilled sea bass, slow-cooked pork shank, and Perian-style vegetables with feta doughnuts; there is something for vegetarians, pescatarians and carnivorous.

What Are The Best Moraitis Wines?

Moraitis Wines Paros

Here are the Moraitis wines we tasted, but of course, the selection of wines is much wider and includes white, rose and red wines.

Assyrtiko (White)

Moraitis Winery’s Assyrtiko is a single-vineyard white wine crafted from grapes (100% Assyrtiko variety) grown in the Sarakiniko area in Paros, Greece. This wine is also an iconic wine of Santorini, and if you’re planning to visit as well, we highly recommend taking a wine tour in Santorini.

Assyrtiko has an aromatic bouquet of citrus and white flower aromas that lead to a dry yet crisp and refreshing palate. It has a stony minerality that adds complexity and a pleasant salinity in its long finish. The Assyrtiko is fermented in stainless steel tanks at low temperatures and aged for less than six months.

Malagousia (White)

Malagousia is made from 100% Malagousia grape variety. It has strong flavours of peach and citrus, and it’s crisp and refreshing. It is fermented in stainless steel tanks at low temperatures and aged for a short time.

This gives the wine a delicate and fresh finish. The Malagousia variety of grapes from Moraitis Winery produces an intense, pure fruitiness that is unique. I preferred this wine over Assyrtiko since it has a fresh finish, and it’s just so much easier to drink.

Damerale (Rose)

The Damerale wine is made with 50% Aidani, 40% Mavrathiro and 10% Monemvassi grapes that come from Moraitis’ organic vineyard – Damerale.

It has a rich flavour with red fruit and citrus notes. After being left to touch the skin for 1 hour to achieve its beautiful pink colour, it is fermented in stainless steel tanks at low temperatures. It has a refreshing acidity and a long aftertaste. Damerale was our favourite wine!

Moraitis Winery Paros: Our Experience

Tasting wine at Moraitis Winery Paros.

What we liked the most about our visit is that it didn’t feel like a major tourist attraction but rather a place to relax and enjoy the day. It was so peaceful, with friendly staff that gave us all the information we needed and made sure that our experience was memorable.

We enjoyed sitting on the picturesque patio, chatting about life while sipping the local wine. We’ve been given a wine card where we could read about all the wines we’re sampling and tasty home-baked bread and local cheese to go with the drinks.

Is It Worth Visiting The Moraitis Winery?

Best wine tasting Paros has to offer.

Most definitely! It’s an incredible experience that we highly recommend, especially for wine-loving travellers.

The welcoming staff and the knowledgeable tour guide make it such a pleasant activity, plus you get to taste some fantastic wines and sample a variety of local delicacies. Plus, with its convenient location in the heart of Paros, it makes for a great stop that can be combined with visiting one of the island’s beach clubs.

Moraitis Winery Paros: Final Word

In summary, Moraitis is a great place for any wine lover to visit. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, with friendly staff who are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the wine-making process or their selection of wines.

The samples are tasty and reasonably priced, and you can also order a glass of the wine you liked the most to enjoy at your leisure. There is also a small but tasty food menu.

So if you’re looking for an authentic Paros winery experience surrounded by breathtaking views of the countryside – Moraitis Winery is the perfect destination!

The only thing left to do is plan your visit! We wish you a fantastic Paros wine tour. Enjoy your wine tasting Paros experience, and don’t forget to share with us how it went! 🤗

Cheers! 🍷🍇😊

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